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With their great rates and excellent coverage, Liverpool Link has really helped us grow our business, more than we ever thought possible!

I have been using the South Liverpool Link for advertising for the past year and a half. I have found it to be the most effective and cost effective print marketing in the area. Particularly useful as it is delivered through my target market’s letterboxes as well as being available at local businesses. I track success by the number of mentions I get and new customers advertising brings in and The Link is the only print marketing I now do. Prices are good and the service from Moira and the team at the Link is excellent.  Would recommend.

Iain McGuigan, Director - The ZipYard Liverpool South

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by The LINK and with you in particular, in the account handling of my business advertising.


I have advertised in the LINK for 10 years and I would be lost without it now!!!  Many thanks to you all at The LINK.



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About Us

It was 13 years ago that Liverpool Link (West Derby LINK with a monthly print of 8,000 copies) was formed by Moira Hesketh and Dawn Williams.

After successful careers with Trinity Mirror (Liverpool Echo, Merseymart and Star), Moira and Dawn took the brave step to set up their own local monthly advertising publicaton and the rest, as they say, is history. In June 2015 Dawn decided to semi-retire and now works part time for The LINK.

Now, 13 years on, Liverpool Link has two publications – the South Liverpool LINK with a 32,000 bi-monthly print and West Derby and Croxteth Park LINK with a 15,000 bi-monthly print. We deliver into homes and have pick up points at local supermarkets, businesses, post offices, libraries, etc. helping local businesses get huge visibility that, as you can see from the comments above, creates real business success.  The LINK is an independent, effective and affordable advertising platform.

A word from Moira – Editor
“Liverpool LINK has been around for 13 years now and I am as passionate as ever about bringing you great community publications. Value for money advertising in South Liverpool LINK!

Our distribution reach far outstrips the local competition – we print 32,000 copies of South Liverpool LINK every single edition. Our advertising rates are the best around – just compare our rates! For example an £80 advert in an A5 mag with 4,000 distribution costs £20 per thousand copies and an £80 advert in the South Liverpool LINK A4 magazine with 32,000 distribution costs just £2.5 per thousand copies!

We print what we say we print and we deliver what we say we deliver! We thrive on being local, thinking local, living local.”

So, why not give Moira or one of her team a call today on 07930 654264 or 07879 733266 and see how they can help you advertise your business.
South Liverpool Distribution
South Liverpool's biggest community magazine!

South Liverpool LINK is the area’s only  bi-monthly A4 publication and the biggest glossy community magazine (by far) in the area. 


We print 32,000 mags per edition of which we deliver 26,000 copies of South Liverpool LINK into homes in  South Liverpool  and  6,000 copies are delivered into supermarkets, businesses, shops, pubs, post offices, Liverpool and libraries.




The LINK is delivered into homes in L18 and L25 distribution area: Woolton, Woolton Park, Gateacre, Calderstones, Allerton, Mossley Hill…) will receive The LINK through their doors, 


Area 2 - (L15, L16, L17, L19 distribution area: Wavertree, Childwall, Aigburth and Garston…) will receive The LINK through their doors in February, April, June, August, October and December.  Readers are reminded that The LINK can be picked up at the pick-up points below during those months where we don’t deliver through your door. We have specifically increased our supermarket distribution to allow for this. 


6,000copies of every edition can be picked up  in supermarkets, businesses, shops, pubs, post offices and libraries. Pick-up points include:


Tesco Mather Ave L18, Tesco Woolton Village L25, Tesco Park Road L8, Sainsburys Woolton L25, Asda Smithdown Road L15, Morrisons Speke L24; Liverpool South Parkway Train Station and businesses in Allerton Road, Rose Lane, Booker Avenue, Lark Lane, Aigburth Road, Childwall Fiveways, Childwall Triangle, Woolton Village, Gateacre Village. Businesses, pubs, restaurants and bars in Woolton Village, Childwall, Allerton Road, Aigburth Road, Lark Lane etc, etc.

West Derby Distribution

West Derby and Croxteth Park LINK is the only bi-monthly A4  glossy free community magazine in the area.

West Derby and Croxteth Park  LINK is delivered into 12,000 homes with a further 3,000 copies delivered into supermarkets, businesses, shops, pubs, post offices and libraries.


 12,000 homes in West Derby Village area, Croxteth Country Park and Sandfield Park will receive The LINK through their doors in January, March, May, July, September and November.  Readers are reminded that The LINK can be picked up at the pick-up points below: 

3,000 copies of every edition es are delivered EVERY MONTH into supermarkets, businesses, shops, pubs, post offices and libraries. Pick-up points include:  Tesco Old Swan, Tesco Deysbrook Lane, Asda Huyton, Sainsbury’s East Prescot Road, Asda Queens Drive/Townsend Ave., St. Mary’s Millennium Centre, Baycliff Road Post Office, Spar West Derby Triangle, Tony’s Newsagents (next to Halton Castle), Alta News 649c Prescot Rd Old Swan, Today’s 12/14 Swanside Parade, West Derby pubs.


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